Meet Some Industry Leading Insurance Providers

Medicare Part D Plans are confusing in nature and it can be challenging at times to choose a particular plan, as there are various options available. The same goes for choosing a suitable provider as there are many private Insurance companies which provide Part D plans.

Part D Plans can be purchased from any Medicare insurance provider, provided they suit the enrollee’s needs. Following is a brief description of some of the top most companies in the field of providing Medicare Part D Plans.

Forethought Insurance Company Rates
Forethought Insurance Company

Known for its reliability, strong financial resoluteness and expansion of a product line of high value, Forethought has been a part of the Insurance industry over 25 years now

The Forethought Financial Group has been in the business of Insurance since 1986 and has considerable influence over the market. Based in Houston, the company operates Insurance operations in Indiana.

The company is dedicated to providing financial solutions to those who are retired or will be retiring soon to be able to live well in their final years.

Forethought has a versatile line of products including annuities, life insurance plans and other financial products with a commitment to helping those who need to plan their finances. Not only do they have a diversified product line but also a variety of channels which distribute the products.

Genworth Insurance Company Premiums
Genworth Financial

Then known as The Life Insurance Company of Virginia, Genworth penned their first policy in 1871. Genworth Financial is focused and in a position to provide financial sustainability, confidence and backup to the customers, distributors and policyholders.

The company has been acknowledged by Standard & Poor’s index of companies leading the market and has been ranked in the Fortune 500 list.

Genworth offers flexibility to choose and decide over an option that best suits one’s need to be able to achieve their dreams, no matter from which strata of society they belong to. It is based in Richmond, Virginia with a presence in all other US states.

Great Loyal American Insurance Plans
Great American Financial Resources. Inc

A wholly owned subsidiary of American Financial Group, Inc, the company provides a range of products such as financial resources, long term care, supplemental insurance and annuities to choose from. They ensure of helping in fulfillment of their customers retirement dreams.

GAFRI has plans and solutions designed especially for its clients no matter from which age group they are from. The company has its presence in the market for a century now and due to strong family heritage, the company has strong bonds with its consumers.

GAFRI is one aspect of American Financial Group story that begun in 1940. They started marketing its products under GAFRI in 1950 and have earned name for themselves in providing annuities to schoolteachers.

Humana Insurance Quotes
Humana Insurance

As one of the most common and prominent names in the world of Insurance providers, Humana almost tops the chart of being the nation’s favorite.

Embarked in 1961 and having almost 11.5 million in its client base, the company has been tagged as largest in terms of revenue by Fortune 100. Humana has branches in almost 50 states and has interest in Western Europe as well totaling 26,000 employees all over the world.

1980 was the year that Humana started developing and marketing its Insurance products. Since then, Humana has made a number of acquisitions, expanding business to a large extent.

Humana has been awarded many awards for the various products and services that they offer to their clients. They have been endowed with Stevie awards for Myhumana Mobile, by the Association of Marketing and Communication Professionals MarCom awards, Newsweek Green Rankings 2011 (Ranking #72) and many more besides.

Heartland National Insurance Rates
Heartland National Life Insurance Company. Inc

Chris McDaniel, who was an Insurance agent knocking door to door, laid the foundation for the Heartland National Life Insurance Company in 1994.

This Insurance Provider acquired a Midwestern Sales brokerage firm that successful and exclusively marketed products for four different companies in 1999 growing to over 6,000 contracted sales associates.

Heartland’s network of distribution has surpassed the annual sales of 20 million, pushing Heartland Financial Group as one of the leaders in Senior Health and Life Insurance Distributors.

Choosing Heartland plans, gives one several benefits for a lifetime and remains up-to-date with the changing trends of Medicare. They provide Insurance coverage in almost 50 states.

Lincoln Heritage Insurance Premiums
Lincoln Heritage Life Insurance

Founded in 1963 by Jack Londen at the age of 28, Lincoln Heritage Life Insurance Company has become one of the national leaders in providing insurance products.

The company follows a very traditional and personalized approach towards every sale, responding to its consumers with compassion and care. This makes the process easier for consumers. It has almost 443,000 policies in force, projected value of which is more than $2 million.

They have earned the reputation for being generous, for having a payment system which is hassle free, family-friendly practices and 24/7 support system. They follow the philosophy of believing in the power of the individual, the right incentives and exceptional services.

Mutual of Omaha Insurance Plans
Mutual of Omaha

Mutual of Omaha works on the simple principle of helping one during their time of need. The company was founded in 1909 as the Mutual Benefit Health and Accident Association. It is currently ranked at 399th position of the Fortune 500 Companies list.

The company diversified in the field of Insurance in 1987 and since that they made a strong presence in the market. One of most important factors that one needs to take into consideration before buying insurance coverage is to check the financial stability of the company.

Mutual of Omaha has a proven record of having great financial strength, stability and experience in this field. It helps one to receive the care and guidance sitting at home making one feel more comfortable.

Atena Insurance Quotes

Constituted in 1953 in Hartford, CT, Aetna is considered among the leading Insurance providers. They deal in health care, dental Insurance, pharmacy, disability Insurance and employee benefits.

The company is always on its toes to bring something new to the market that would have a positive impact. They have a broad range of options available. They were pioneers in the full time Insurance providers to offer a fully fledged consumer directed plan.

Aetna has approximately 19 million medical members, 14 million dental members, 9 million pharmacy members, more than 1 million health care professionals, and more than 5,400 hospitals to its network.

Aetna is spreading benefits in more than 50 states with products that are specifically designed to target small and mid-level employers.

Blue Cross Blue Shield Insurance Quotes
Blue Cross Blue Shield

As quoted by one historian, the Blue Cross has perpetuated itself as a unifying force among the new plans emerging in the market. It was bought into existence in the year 1934 by E.A van Steenwyk. For the past 84 years they are a prominent brand name in the field of Insurance providers and in health coverage.American Continental Insurance

The BCBS is working round the clock to ensure a healthy life and care that is safe, evidence-based and affordable when one is sick. They tend to work on the formula of Rewarding Safety: ensuring that medical errors are eliminated, to provide the best medical aid by cutting all unnecessary expenses, reinforce front-line care: makes a point that there are adequate numbers of professionals available when needed and Inspire Healthy Living: consumers are encouraged to make better choices for a better lifestyle.

The company is constantly bringing out changes in the Insurance field.

American Continental Insurance Plans
American Continental Insurance

The American Continental insurance provider is one of the members of the AETNA family. ACI tends to deliver quality products and services with 100 percent commitment.

ACI is a Tennessee company, based in Brentwood. Designed and conceptualized in the year 2005, it was laid with very strong and piled foundations of experience and the appropriate knowledge of life Insurance and Health Care sectors.

ACI became Genworth Financial.Inc, in 2006 and since then has become one of the most powerful and renowned names in the Insurance industry.

The List of Insurance providers in the market keeps on growing as there are many more which have a strong hold over the market.

These include:

  • American National Life Insurance
  • Anthem Life
  • American Pioneer Life Insurance
  • American Republic Insurance
  • Bankers Fidelity Life Insurance
  • Constitution Life Insurance Company
  • Monumental Life Insurance Company

…and many more besides