All About Continental General Insurance Medicare supplement

With your fast paced lifestyle, insurance becomes an obligation given the rise in the number of lifestyle diseases. Many insurance companies will hesitate to offer the customer full and specific information on exact requirement and types of plans suiting specific needs. Continental General Insurance Company is profoundly customer centric and has plans catering to all age groups. You will find Continental general insurance Medicare supplement a very effective tool in battling the financial woes arising out of ailment and other life threatening factors as old age approaches.

Why Continental General Insurance Medicare Supplement?

Continental General Health Insurance Company was initiated in the year 1961. Headquartered in Nebraska, the company has an extensive market penetration through a large number of licensed agents (exceeding 35,000) spread all over America.

Continental General, which, in fact, is a component of Great American Supplemental Benefits Group, which is a conglomeration of insurance companies aimed at providing financial safety, protection of the individual’s health and the freedom to choose.

Medicare supplement insurance Continental General incorporates a plethora of options covering the needs of individuals, families along with special plans for senior people. Moreover, even within particular plans, you will have the option of customization. In all, the products well supplement the standard American’s overall healthcare needs.

The Medicare Supplement Plans of Continental General Insurance

Continental General Insurance Medicare Supplement plans are homogeneous like other insurance companies. There are plans A through N covering a range of benefits including basic benefits, Part A deductible, skilled nursing coinsurance, Part B deductible, Part B excess, foreign travel, out of pocket limit and at home recovery.

Charges for all the plans are computed irrespective of past claims made, gender, age or health condition of any individual having coverage under Medicare supplement policy or certificate. Covered individuals need not submit hard copies of claims and the average claim processing and payment time is 4 days.

Medicare supplemental insurance comes in handy beyond a certain age when insurance companies hesitate to cover individuals or provide coverage with a long list of deductibles and exclusions.

Take a look at the health insurance options provided by Continental General Insurance to senior individuals:

  • Medicare supplement insurance with a wide array of plans
  • For ages 40 to 84 there is long term care insurance wherein nursing home expenses and other day-to-day health needs are payable.
  • For 45 to 80 years old, convalescence benefit is available under short term insurance cover.
  • Indemnity plan will provide you with hospitalization and acute medical care. Benefit period extends till 180 days.

From Continental General Insurance you have Medicare supplement plans at competitive rates, which will not make a hole in your pocket. You can easily cover up the fissures in general Medicare facilities like co-insurance, co-payment for prescribed drugs and co-payments for every visit to the doctor. In short supplement Medicare provided by Continental General Insurance is a favorable insurance package which will cover your medical expenses to the fullest extent. So gear up and cover every health need now!