Options Available in Medigap Plans for Washington State

For many people thinking for health coverage, the pivotal question is in choosing between advantage plan and Medigap. Searching the most appropriate option depends on various factors; it also depends on the amount of effort one is willing to put in to find the best deal in Medigap Plans Washington State.

What are Medicare Advantage and Medigap Plans?

Both the plans are sold and marketed by private insurance companies and both are used to fill the gaps in original Medicare. Medigap plans Washington State are group of plans that work in coordination with regular benefits of Medicare. On the other hand, advantage plans are different from Medicare. On the contrary, the fact is, when a person enrolls in advantage plan he or she has to de-enroll from Medicare. Some of the key differences between the two plans are as follows:

  • The federal government has standardized the benefits of Medigap plans Washington State, which means every company who is selling these plans must provide the same benefits.
  • Advantage plans must offer the same features as Part A and B, but beyond that the benefits vary greatly.
  • There is no restriction in seeking service from a doctor or caregiver in case of Medigap plans, but with advantage plan the insured person is bounded.
  • There is a requirement of additional premium of one month in Medigap plans.
  • Usually advantage plans cost less than Medigap, and in certain cases advantage plans does not require monthly premium.

As one can realize from the above points that advantage plans although cheaper, offers limited benefits and one has to part ways with Medicare in order to enroll in it. No single plan is all encompassing, every plan has different benefits, so it is up to the end user what he or she wishes to have in the coverage.

If you can afford to deal with restricted network than advantage plan is better, but people who are always on the move and don’t want to de-enroll from Medicare should obviously choose Medigap plans Washington State.

Making the choice: Advantage vs. Medigap plans Washington State

It is not necessary that advantage plans will be cheaper. For example, premiums of advantage plans are revised every year and in majority of the cases it increases, whereas, Medigap policy holders can lock in the premium. Moreover, when the insured person has to pay from his or her pocket for services like hospital stays it is often costly than with Medigap plans.

Seniors who are thinking to enroll in advantage plan should go through the fine point of the policy benefits to make sure it provides what they need. They should also make sure that their physicians accept this plan.

Going through all the options and comparing medical plans Washington State and advantage plan is not an easy task. For old age people it can be a daunting task to verify all the information and consider an option. As mentioned before, the benefits of supplement plan are standardized and there is no restriction on doctors, the only variation here is in price.

When people compare advantage with supplement he or she should figure out their comfort zone in evaluating the crucial details, and don’t be in a hurry to arrive on a conclusion. In case you need any assistance in your evaluation process feel free to contact one of our advisors.

It is a tricky business when comparing Medigap plans, but with little bit of know how it is easy to highlight the differences among different plans. When equipped with better knowledge it is easy to find the difference and make an informed purchase.

Some General Input on Medigap Plans

As one can make out from the name, Medigap plans Washington State are designed to cover up the ‘gaps’ that are there in Medicare coverage. Each plan is differentiated by letter A through D, F, G and K till N. even though these plans are sold and marketed by private insurers, the companies are required to remain within the boundaries set by federal government.

The only difference between plans is that of price, which is mainly due to the difference in operating cost and services provided by each company. The benefits provided by one company for Plan A will be similar to coverage provided by other company for the same plan.

Compare Medigap Benefits and Costs

Since the benefits are all similar between plans, it is waste of time to search different companies and find out what they have in offer for us. There is a huge difference in Medigap cost among insurance companies. Since the benefits are locked, it is the price that determines which company is picked up by the end consumer.

So it is better to go with the insurance company that provides the best price. But here is a caveat emptor, insurance companies are at the liberty to decide the price every year and they may raise the premium over time. Insurers rate each plan in one of the three ways:

  • No Age rated also known as Community Rated: every person in the community enrolled in the same Medigap plans Washington State pays the same premium every month, irrespective of age.
  • Issue Age Rated: Premium is determined on the basis of age of the person at the time of purchase, which means older people are enrolled at higher premiums.
  • Attained Age Rated: The initial premium can be low as it is based on age, but it increases with age.

In all the ratings, the premium increases over a period of time due to inflation or other factors. One may wonder what the difference between these ratings is. Plans based on the first two options will not raise the premium as the insured person grows older. With Attained age rating, the premium increases with age, and they may seem budget friendly when the purchase is made, they may ultimately become really expensive.

Due to this reason, it is recommended that people purchase plans that are based on first two ratings Community or Issue age. When you make comparison of Medigap plans Washington State make sure to find out what rating is being used by each plan.