Washington Medicare Supplement Insurance Plan

Rising health care cost has been a national problem in the last few years in Washington State and Mr. Douglas Mann was one of the victims. He was finding it difficult to cover the ever-rising medical expenses. This has been the story of every single person who is relying too heavily on Medicare to manage the medical expenses. The whole system wasn't able to cover the medical expenses the way we would have liked, to say the least.

The Washington Medicare Supplement Insurance plan really is the instant solution for Mr. Mann’s problem. He did the best thing by approaching us. He came at the right place and got the best advice on the subject.

State of Washington Medicare Supplement Chart

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To be eligible to be enrolled under the plan, you must be enrolled under both Medigap A and B. Since the plan does not cover your spouse, it means that he or she should have a separate policy.

Medigap supplement coverage is automatically renewed as long as you pay the premiums on a timely basis.

Washington Medicare Supplemental Insurance

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