Understanding Medicare Supplement Plans in Texas

Texans turning 65 are generally looking forward to buy Texas Medicare Supplemental Insurance. For this purpose they usually do a lot of research. There are three main Texas Medicare plans namely Medicare Parts A, B and D. There is also a fourth Medicare plan titled as Medicare Advantage Plans. But Medicare Advantage Plans are offered by private Medicare companies following the rules set by Medicare.

The rates for Medicare Advantage Plans keep changing annually and thus there is no guaranteed renewal. Usually when people residing in Texas are searching for the best Texas Medicare plan, they end up choosing between ten Medicare Supplement Insurance plans and three Texas Medicare plans.

Medicare Supplemental Insurance Plans

Three Texas Medicare Plans:

Medicare Part A: Medicare Part A helps providing coverage for inpatient hospital care, skilled nursing care, hospice care and care at home.

Medicare Part B: Medicare Part B provides insurance coverage for doctor visits, and many other medical related services.

Medicare Part D: Also called as Medicare Part D prescription drug coverage. It provides coverage for medications prescribed by the doctors for treatment.

Supplement Plans from Medicare available in Texas:

Texas Medicare Supplement Plan A: It is compulsory for every Medicare Company to sell Medicare Supplemental Plan A in Texas. Medicare Plan A provides coverage for: Medicare Part A co-payment, hospital expenses for an additional year after all the Medicare benefits are finished, Part B Medicare co-payment, blood up to 3 pints every year, co-payment for hospice services from Part A.

Texas Medicare Supplemental Plan B: It provides insurance coverage for everything as Plan A but additionally also covers cost of deductibles in Part A from Medicare.

Medicare Plan Chart

Texas Medicare Supplemental Plan C: It provides insurance coverage for everything that is covered under Texas Medicare Plans A and B, but also covers skilled nursing care, Medicare Part B deductible, foreign travel emergency.

Texas Medicare Supplement Plan D: It provides similar benefits to Texas Medicare Supplemental Plan C but does not provide insurance coverage for Part B deductible.

Texas Medicare Plan F: Medicare Supplemental Insurance Plan F is one of the most sought-after Texas Medicare Plan. Medicare Plan F offers the same coverage as Plan C but it also pays for excess charges for Part B from Medicare in Texas.

Texas Medicare Supplement Plan G: Texas Medicare Supplement Plan G is one of the Medicare Supplement Insurance plans that people should seriously consider buying. Plan G is similar to Plan F in Medicare but in it there is no coverage for Part B deductible.
Generally, the premium for Texas Medicare Plan G is pretty less than that of Medicare Plan F. Even if you are not covered for Medicare Part B deductible, you can still save by paying it all by yourself.

Texas Medicare Supplemental Plan K: This Medicare plan is similar to the Texas Medicare Plan D but comes without foreign travel emergency coverage. This Medicare Insurance plan simply provides 50% Medicare coverage for the co-insurance of Medicare Part B, first three pints of blood each year, hospice care co-insurance, nursing skilled care, and Part A Medicare deductible.

Texas Medicare Supplemental Plan L: Texas Medicare plan L just like Medicare Plan K with an exception that it provides 75% coverage and the maximum out-of-pocket coverage annually is $2,420.

Texas Plan M: It provides Medicare coverage similar to that of Texas Medicare Plan D, but simply provides 50% coverage of deductible for Medicare Part A.

Texas Supplemental Plan N: It provides same coverage as Texas Medicare Plan D but one has to about $15 for every visit to the doctor

Medicare Plan Chart

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