Introduction to Medicare Insurance

Medicare Insurance is a kind of health insurance for:

  • People of the age 65 and above
  • People under the age of 65 with specific disabilities
  • People suffering from permanent kidney failure and require dialysis regularly.

An Overview of Types of Medicare Insurance:
The different parts of Medicare provide Medicare coverage for the following services:

Medicare Insurance Plans

Medicare Part A: It provides coverage for hospital expenses. It would pay for emergency hospital services, skilled nursing care, and health care at home. There is no monthly premium to be paid for Medicare Part A.

Medicare Part B covers Medical insurance: This program would pay for outpatient care, fees for physician visits, medical equipment such wheelchairs, ambulance services, lab tests etc. You need to pay a monthly insurance premium as you enrol in a Medicare Part B plan.

Medicare Advantage Plans: These plans are often called as Medicare Part C plans and MA Plans. Medicare Advantage Plans are a good alternative to your Original Medicare plan. Medicare Advantage Plans are provided by private Medicare companies and often these plans provide same basic coverage benefits as Medicare Parts A and B, but they may also provide additional benefits.

Medicare Part D Prescription Drug Coverage: Medicare Part D plans tend to provide insurance coverage for prescription drugs. These plans are used with Medicare Part A and Part B policies. In case your Medicare Advantage Plans do not cover prescription drug coverage, you can go for stand-alone Part D Medicare.

How can Medicare Insurance Pay Your Bills?
Medicare Insurance plans usually pay the majority of your Medicare co-payments and deductibles.  But these plans fail to provide Medicare Part D prescription drug coverage. For this, you will have to buy Part D Medicare Insurance plan separately. Certain Medicare

Insurance plans also provide coverage for foreign emergency travel.
Your Medicare supplement plan would not provide insurance coverage for your partner; you will each require a standalone insurance policy. Medicare Supplement Insurance policies do not provide coverage for long term care (home care), dental care or eye check-ups, hearing aids or eye frames.

Medicare Supplement Insurance plan, a.k.a. Medigap are meant to fill in the gaps left by the Original Medicare. Medicare insurance policy are private Medicare health care policies that cover Medicare co-insurance, co-payments and deductibles that you  had otherwise have to pay on your own.

Review and Compare your Medicare Advantage and Medicare Supplement Insurance Options:
Best Medicare Supplement Insurance Company suggests you to take as much time as you want to review all the Medicare Advantage Plans available in the market. Choosing your Medicare Insurance plan carefully is extremely important.

Our free and instant quote engine provides you detailed list of all the available Medicare Advantage and Medicare Supplement Insurance plans in your area. You can use our quote engine to compare plans and terms, view rates and quotes and then apply online.

Medicare Insurance Plans are meant to provide complete health care coverage to all the people in the United States. Medicare Insurance provides you financial security against the unforeseen costs related to your health. The Medicare Insurance plans also provide you insurance against the losses caused due to accidents. Apart from these, Medicare Plans like Supplement Insurance cover your out-of-pocket expenses completely.

Medicare Supplemental Chart

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