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Naomi Fader, a senior citizen from Fort Lauderdale, was finding it extremely difficult to meet the rising health care costs with her original Medigap coverage in 2009. Her basic Medicare plan left many expenses uncovered and she was contemplating buying an insurance plan to meet such additional expenses.

After considering her options, she decided that a Florida Medicare Supplement Insurance policy may be the solution to her problem. Supplemental insurance covers medical expenses not covered by the original Medicare plan’s Part A and Part B.

Supplemental Health Insurance

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Mrs. Fader visited several web sites and finally arrived at ours, the web site you are currently visiting. Like many of our customers, she was glad to find comprehensive information on the Florida supplemental Medicare Insurance plan in an easy to read format. The task of selecting a Florida Medicare Insurance plan needn’t be a difficult one.

Supplemental Medigap policies in Florida are regulated by both federal and state laws. Insurers are expressly prohibited from selling more than one Medicare Supplemental Insurance policy to an individual consumer. The application actually states that if the policyholder has more than one Medicare supplement plan, then the new one will immediately replace the old one.

A Florida Medigap policy covers the medical costs that Medicare Parts A and B do not cover. The policy covers expenses on deductible and coinsurance amounts. Such coverage is available to individuals without medical underwriting if purchased when the Florida Medicare recipient applies when he or she first receives Medicare Part D or in the open enrollment period.

We are experts in the field of Medicare Advantage plans and Florida Advantage insurance. Our insurance plans are easy to understand and an extremely good bargain. You will be protecting yourself from unexpected health care expenses in the future with our coverage.

That is not all. There are many more advantages to enrolling in an insurance plan presented by us. For further details, we invite you to visit our Medicare Insurance protection page where you will find the information on the many choices available. We wish you success in making a wise decision in choosing the ideal supplemental Florida Medigap plan.

Did you Know?

If you still want further bargains in your Medicare aside from our Medicare Supplement Insurance or Medigap plans, try our Medicare Advantage Plans.  

You may or may not have had an Advantage plan such as a Medicare HMO policy, but you'd be glad to know that unlike Medigap plans, HMO plans and other similar plans include Part D plans. Thus, you don't have to pay for a separate Part D plan to cover the cost of your prescription medicine.

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