The Old Surety Insurance Company and its Supplemental Plans

Based in Oklahoma, Old Surety Life Insurance Company deals in insurance products. The Company is serving people with insurance products since 1932. Old Surety Life Insurance Company has made a niche in the insurance market for its life and health insurance plans.

Old Surety Insurance Company primarily started as a life insurance organization. For over 80 years since its establishment, the Company has extended its insurance services in the form of Medicare supplemental insurance, dental insurance and vision insurance and even offers insurance for aural impairment.

Medicare Supplements offered by Old Surety Insurance:

Old Surety provides five supplemental Medicare plans to offer support to the senior citizens and elders for the quality medical service. Medicare Supplemental Insurance has been structured to fill in the gaps left behind by the Original Medicare plans.

  1. Plan A – provides coverage for hospitalization and medical expenditure over the costs left uncovered by the Original Medicare and 3 pints of blood (yearly).
  2. Plan C – is a combination of Medicare Part A and Part B. The plan provides insurance coverage for skilled nursing, extra deductibles, co-insurance for in-patient as well as out-patient care.
  3. Medicare Plan F, D and J - The three plans cover various payment levels for the services provided by other plans. This lets you decide on the coverage and the payment that meets your unique needs.
Medicare supplemental insurance policies are often known by the name of Medigap.

Medicare Fact: The Original Medicare program offers insurance of health to the senior citizens who are above the age of 65 and also some young people who qualify on disability grounds. Original Medicare only covers about 80 percent of the total health care expenditures. So, in order to compensate for the rest of the 20% coverage, Old Surety Medicare supplemental insurance proves to be a genuine help.

These Medicare supplements (Medigap plans) cover up the left over balance by the Medicare plans. Old Surety Life Insurance Company providing health & life insurance has got assets worth $20,135,256, a capital amounting to $1,030,000 and a net surplus of about $6,489,111.

Health insurance (Medicare and Medicare supplemental insurance plans) laws, regulations and coverage differ with each state and are often incomprehensible. Old Surety Insurance Company offers easy and best priced health insurance policies and helps offers peace of mind to you and your family members by reducing the financial burden.

Moreover, Old Surety Insurance Company excellent customer care service is always prepared in offering rapid assistance to the individuals’ queries regarding the purchase of Medicare supplemental insurance plans.

Old Surety Insurance Company Contact Information:

Old Surety Insurance Company distributes its insurance services in such locations as Missouri, Montana, Arkansas, New Mexico, Oklahoma and Texas.

The Old Surety Insurance Company’s corporate headquarters is located in Oklahoma, OK. with the exact address as: Old Surety Life Insurance Co, 5235 N Lincoln Blvd, Oklahoma City, OK 73105-1804. (Phone: 405-523-2112); (Fax: 405-524-4011).


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