Pacificare is a Force in the West - Pacificare Insurance

Pacificare is serving Medicare insured people across the country through its high quality insurance products. They help in making Medicare simpler for you which anyone can understand easily. The insurance products are designed in such a way that they meet the changing needs of the customer be it in terms of affordability and financial security for health care. As people age they are provided with health resources which they can depend upon and they also provide necessary guidance to families and individuals.

In collaboration with federal government we offer Medicare Advantage Plans to people who are found eligible for traditional plans in Medicare such as Part A and Part B. We also provide supplement policies from Medicare.

About the Pacificare Organization

We are a group of companies that provide a broad range of health insurance products that can cater to every requirement of the customer. We form part of a big organization which is headed by BenefitsHealth Group, who are well known for their innovative products in health insurance industry. We provide a comfortable environment for people where they can discuss various issues related to insurance coverage. Our friendly office makes our customers feel at home and they do not feel hesitant in discussing their personal problems.


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