Continental General Insurance Company Supplemental Medicare

Continental General Insurance Company (CGI) has been providing insurance products nationwide, for more than 40 years. Continental General Insurance Company offers Life and health insurance products to families and individuals. CGI preserves families of policyholders by providing insurance products which meets the average American’s needs throughout their life.

Continental General Company came into existense in the year 1961. The Company’s headquarters is based in Nebraska. There are more than 35,000 licensed agents serving the Continental General Insurance Company in almost every state of America. The insurance company has total assets worth of $300, 000, 501, a capital equal to $5,306,000, and amounting net surplus of $46, 000,962.

The company works as a subsidiary of Great American Financial Resources (GAFR) & has received an A rating. Continental General company has stakes in Ceres Company that has total value of $720 million. 

The product portfolio innovate a range of plans to comply with the needs of a variety of clientele, lifestyles and budgets. In addition, Continental General Insurance Company provides alternative advantages to further customize your plan and life.

Continental General Insurance Company has also designed insurance products that are oriented towards senior citizens such as medical and life insurance and annuity. The Company in coordination with its sister concern sell insurance plans for individuals, groups and families.

Senior health products of Continental General Insurance Company’s include short and long term insurance, supplement Medicare, hospital cover, and pharmacy plans. There are various options available to seniors people in the form of annuities and life coverage through this Company.


Continental General Insurance Company Contact Information:

Continental General Insurance Company has its headquarters located Nebraska and consists of more than 30,000 licensed insurance agents in almost 49 states.
The exact address of the Company is: 8901 Indian Hills Dr., Omaha, NE68124, United States (Phone: 866-459-4272). At Continental General, customers are the #1 priority. CGI is committed to providing quality products and supplement Medicare plans to its every day customers.

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