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Many Medicare recipients need additional coverage for the items that Medicare does not cover. Here is the list of many companies that offer a wide range of insurance products such as the Medicare Supplement Insurance Plans:
Admiral Life Insurance Company established its business way back in the year 1958 and the State Mutual are its owners. The company offers seven different types of Supplement Medicare Insurance plans for the seniors. Admiral life insurance provides superior supplemental Medicare plans with the finest customer service.

With a valid license, Admiral life Company offers its supplement Medicare plans in the major areas such as Arizona, Georgia, Kentucky, Arkansas, Ohio, Minnesota, North Dakota and many more. Admiral Life has been adorned with A+ rating Company for its efficient insurance services. When an individual opts for supplemental Medicare Insurance plans offered by Admiral Life Company, he/she is bound to avail several benefits with quality services.

The standardized Medicare plans are offered by the Admiral Life insurance Company at the best rates with an excellent customer care. Although, the plan’s rate vary from state to state, but the benefits and the insurance cover remain similar irrespective of the location where you are residing.
Aetna, an American Health Insurance company was founded in 1853. Aetna Company that provides a number of consumer directed and traditional health care products is a member among Fortune 100 among Health Care Industry.

Aetna Company’s other insurance related service comprise medical, behavioral health, long term care, disability, dental plans etc. The company provides a wide variety of insurance products with a comprehensive coverage according to your budget. Aetna offers a wide range of supplement Medicare plans with a wide insurance coverage. For Instance: Aetna Golden Medicare plan (HMO); Aetna individual Medicare supplement (PlanSM) insurance policy and Aetna Medicare Rx plan and Aetna Golden Choice plan (PPO).

The company – Aetna Health Insurance provides Supplemental Medicare Plans – A, B or F that have been structured to expand your Medicare insurance cover. Their Medicare supplemental insurance covers out-of-pocket costs like Medicare Part A and Part B expenses and deductibles and hence allow you the liberty to make a visit to any of the licensed physician who acknowledges Medicare.
American Continental Insurance Company (also known as ACI) was incorporated in 2005. The Company has its headquarters in Brentwood, Tennessee. The very organization was built on a strong foundation of Continental Life Insurance Company with years of experience in the insurance industry (health, life and senior insurance market).

American Continental Insurance Company consists of assets worth $23,186,210; capital amounting to $3,400,000 and net surplus equals $9,560,786. The insurance products offered by the company consist of Whole life insurance, Medicare supplement, Cancer and Hospital Indemnity. American Continental Insurance provides supplementary Medicare insurance coverage to support patients who are undergoing treatment such as Critical Care.

The company also provides high-risk insurance plans and comprehensive health coverage to the individuals in more than 47 states. The American Continental also caters to people with pre-existing conditions with a wide range of health plans.
American National Life Insurance Company was established in 1905 by William Lewis Moody, Jr. Located in Galveston, Texas, American National Life provides several insurance products & services such as that includes life and health insurance; mutual funds; insurance of property & casualty, annuities, pension-plans service and credit insurance.

Nearly, 50 U.S. states, American Samoa, Puerto Rico and the District of Columbia are covered by the American National Life Insurance company and its associates. With more than 100 years of expertise and experience, the company shares pride in having above 5 million insured customers.

The subsidiaries of American National Life Company provide major insurance plans such as Medical, Medicare Supplements, Disability income, Hospitalization, Sickness and Accident insurance at the best rates and flexible level. American National Life Insurance Company with an ‘excellent A’ for its superior services that offers comprehensive financial coverage to its clients. The company is considered amongst the strongest insurance organizations in the country.
Anthem Life Insurance Company (popularly known as Anthem Life) is owned completely by Anthem Inc. The company was founded in Indiana with a name called Associates Life Insurance Corporation in the year 1956 (June). Later, the name was altered to Anthem Life Insurance Company of Indiana and finally it came to known as Anthem Life Insurance Company (Anthem Life).

The company in with a joint effort of its associates offers insurance products such as disability and life. Anthem Life carries an rating Company which is a proof of its financial strength & sound existence in the insurance industry. The company through its affiliates, apart from providing health plans, also offers insurance coverage for vision, dental, EAP & prescription services.

Anthem Life Insurance Company provides insurance coverage to groups above 89,000 and 5.5 million members (approx.) in association with its sister concerns. Anthem Life’s excellent online approach to information with a quality customer service gives clients an easy track to gather information about the insurance plans and the coverage it provides.
American Pioneer Life Insurance Company was incorporated in 1961 and has its headquarters based in Lake Mary, Florida. The company functions as a Universal American Financial Corp.’s subsidiary.

Individuals trust American Pioneer Life for its finest services and comprehensive insurance coverage by providing the best rated Life and health plans catering to people’s needs. The company offers superior quality insurance products and has emerged as country’s one of the most reliable and esteemed insurance providers, serving the senior market that comprises Life insurance and Supplemental Medicare Insurance at very reasonable prices.

Additionally, American Pioneer offers health insurance cover, dental insurance (seniors), prescription & hospital indemnity. Most importantly, American Pioneer Life Insurance Company offers Medicare Select insurance plan which covers a certain amount of expenses left by Medicare Advantage Program. For instance: medical, hospital, critical care & prescription drug insurance cover.
American Republic Insurance Company was founded in 1929 by Watson Powell. Today, the American Republic has emerged as the leader in the life insurance and individual health insurance field. The company offers a wide range of Medicare supplement, annuities, long-term care insurance, major medical cover, critical & cancer care, pharmacy benefits and life insurance products.

In addition to this, it also provides health plans with a high-deductible attached with Health Savings Account (HSA). American Republic Insurance company (ARIC) is licensed to operate in 49 states. The company has nearly 15,000 insurance agents that distribute insurance products all over the United States.

Presently, American Republic possesses over 300,000 active insurance policies. This is the biggest proof of American Republic’s financial soundness & its commitment to strive in the insurance market. The company’s aim is to provide its clients with trustworthy insurance services and quality products by following ethical means of operation.

Woodmen of the World and/or Assured Life Association is a not-for-profit Life Insurance provider organized to give back revenues to its member customers through direct benefits such as college scholarships and summer camp grants for youth and discounts on other products and services as well as member-directed matching charitable giving and promotion of community service projects.

Assured Life Association is a fraternal organization & carries assets amounting to $59,766,168, capital of $0 & net surplus amount of $12,689,048.

Woodmen of the World / Assured Life offers Supplemental Medicare plans which are underwritten by the Mutual of Omaha Insurance Company. The other Assured Life Association insurance policies comprise life and health.

Assured Life Association Insurance Company offers reliable Medicare Supplemental plans in order to help individuals to bravely confront the ever-increasing expenses of health care. Each Supplement Medicare plan helps in paying for your (filling the gaps left behind by) Medicare Part and Part B expenses.

Assured Life Association Supplemental Medicare insurance plans are standardized as per other Supplemental Insurance organizations. These standardized insurance companies are permitted to distribute any of the Health Plans from A-L but most importantly should be offering Supplement Medicare Insurance Plan A if they desire to provide Medigap Insurance.

Bankers Fidelity Life Insurance Company has been contributing immensely to the life and health insurance requirements of seniors since 1955. Based in Atlanta, GA, Bankers Fidelity Life Insurance Company holds assets worth $212,785,550, capital of about $3,700,000 and net surplus of over $30,453,215.

The company offers Supplemental Medicare insurance products meant for the individuals above 65 years of age who already are eligible for Medicare. Bankers Fidelity Life Medicare supplement insurance plans reduce your tension about the rising premiums because here, the premium rate for the policy remains the same, till the policy maturation time.

An exclusive benefit provided by the company is that individuals experience ‘no-waiting period’ for getting insurance with their pre-existing conditions. With flexible benefits, Bankers Fidelity Life Insurance Company provides effectively caters to your needs, thereby giving protection to your assets from any serious losses.

It also offers strong financial resources that you need the most to cross the difficult phase of any health complications that are temporary. Bankers Life provides full benefits to its clients suffering from Parkinson’s disease, Alzheimer’s disease or Dementia. These patients get wide coverage for prescription drugs, often with discounted prices.
Blue Cross and Blue Shield Insurance Company is an association known as the Blue Cross Blue Shield Association (BCBSA). The company is formed by a coalition of 39 different health insurance firms and organizations in U.S. As a combination, these companies offer health insurance to above 100 million individuals in America.

Blue Cross insurance company came into existence in the year 1929 and Blue Shield Insurance Firm was established in 1939. The Blue Cross Association was formed 1960, whilst its Blue Shield co-partner got its existence in the year 1948. Both the insurance companies (Blue Cross & Blue Shield) created a merger in 1982 that forms the present association.

The company’s headquarters is based in the Michigan Plaza complex (Chicago, Illinois). Blue Cross and Blue Shield affiliated companies are licensed to provide Blue branded health insurance plans within specific areas. The association (BCBSA) provides some special health plans such as Blue Card, Blue Card Worldwide, BlueWorldwide Expat (these plans offer coverage for Travel in the country as well worldwide).

The Blue Cross and Blue Shield Association’s offered Federal Employee Program (FEP), provides insurance coverage to more than half employees of federal government that comprises employees, retired persons and their family.
Central Reserve Life Insurance Company (CRL) was incorporated in 1964 and in the year 2006 it joined the GASBG (Great American Supplemental Benefits Group). The company, based in Austin, TX, is licensed to provide insurance products in many regions such as Arizona, Georgia, Nevada, Alabama, Illinois, Massachusetts, Kentucky, Missouri, Arkansas and many more. CRL has got assets amounting to $30,103,484, a capital equaling $3,400,000 and a net surplus amount of about $14,210,560.

The Supplemental insurance plans provided by Central Reserve Life Insurance Company prove to be quite profitable as they offer insurance coverage over your primary policy. These supplemental health plans consist of Medicare Supplements, hospitalization, accident, disability income and heart disease. The plans may provide coverage for the expenses, for instance: deductibles, travel & lodging, outpatient service, home recovery, co-payments, experimental treatment and counseling.

Apart from the above mentioned plans, Central Life Insurance Company also deals in insurance plans like Term Life Insurance Leads, Life Insurance Taxable, China Life Insurance, Term Versus Whole Life Insurance and Life Insurance Ratings.
Christian Fidelity Life Insurance Company was established in 1954 and specializes in Phoenix, AZ providing life and health insurance coverage to the senior citizens. The company is located in and functions as a subsidiary of Oxford Life Insurance Organization.

Christian Fidelity Life is actually a superb quality Final Expense Life Insurance and Medicare Supplement dispensing insurance company with excellent sales workforce, outstanding service and highly competitive premiums. Presently, about 30,000 insured persons being offered individual Supplemental Medicare insurance products.

The company owns assets worth $90,802,891, a capital equaling $3,630,000 and a net surplus amounting to $41,934,621. Christian Fidelity Life Insurance Company has been graded with B++ (GOOD) rating. The two main insurance products provided by Christian Fidelity Life are Medicare Supplement and Life Insurance.

The Supplemental Medicare plans offered by the company helps in covering the expenses left behind by Medicare, for example: Medicare Part A deductibles & co-payments, doctor services, outpatient services & supplies, emergency health care (outside U.S.), ambulance services, skilled nursing facility, speech therapy and extended hospital care.

The other main type of insurance, provided by Christian Life is Life Insurance with a special whole life insurance plan known as Assurance Final Expense. This whole life policy is offered to the individuals aged from 50 to 85 years. The policy gives coverage for the funeral costs and other expenses when the insured person passes away.
Constitution Life Insurance Company was incorporated in 1929. The company is located in Lake Mary, Florida and owns a license to function in more than 30 states. Constitution Life Insurance Company is a division of The Universal American Group of Companies. Constitution Life Company’s employee strength starts from 1500 to 5000 and is spread across the nation. Constitution Life Insurance Company with B++ ratings which a testimony to the Company’s financial stability and sound development.

Constitution Life Insurance Company has been catering to the needs of seniors with a zealous attitude and shares pride in giving them the finest of the insurance services. Constitution Life provides a wide variety of insurance products for the senior market such as Medicare Supplement insurance, senior whole life insurance, Medicare Advantage plans, Medigap, Medicare Select, hospital indemnity, Cancer, dental insurance and many more.
Combined Insurance Company was founded in 1949 by W. Clement Stone in Chicago. The company leads in providing accident, sickness and health insurance and serves its insurance products in the areas comprising Europe, North America and Asia Pacific.

Stone’s insurance company merged with the Ryan Insurance Group in 1982. In 1987, Combined Insurance Company altered its name to Aon Corp and its annual revenues were roughly standing at $2.9 billion at that moment of time. Aon became the largest international corporation having employees above 55,000 with 600 offices in 125 countries spread worldwide.

A wide range of supplemental plans, disability, accident, life & health insurance products are offered by Combined Insurance Company. In addition, the company also provides low limit accident, low premiums and low priced health products for middle income persons. Combined Insurance Company has an overseas distribution of its insurance products, done by 3000 independent insurance agents.

In North America only, the company has a skilled sales force of above 2000 insurance agents. Combined Insurance Company has got assets of about $2,493,586,072, a capital worth $30,404,605 and a net surplus amounting to $603,165,500. The company has its operating services in Australia as a part of ACE Insurance Ltd.
Conseco was founded in 1979. It started with its insurance functioning in the year 1982 and came to be become a public company in the year 1985. Conseco Insurance Company was formerly known as Security Life of Indiana.

The company is currently located in Carmel, Indiana. The insurance products offered by Conseco’s subsidiaries are supplemental health insurance, annuity and life insurance. The company with its insurance products provides insurance coverage to its clients above 4 million in U.S. Conseco Insurance company’s insurance products are supplied through career agents, independent insurance agents and often directly to the clients through electronic media or direct mail.

The company owns assets worth $1,133,508,199, a capital amounting to $4,000,000 and a net surplus equaling $165,082,105. Conseco has a present ranking of 503 among Fortune 1000 with 2007 revenues amounting to $4.5 billion. Conseco tends to be the parent company of 7 insurance firms that involves companies such as Colonial Penn Life Insurance Company and Bankers Life and Casualty. The company is also the owner of 40/86 Advisors (investment management firm).
Continental General Insurance Company was incorporated in 1961. The company has its headquarters located Nebraska and consists of above 30,000 licensed insurance agents in almost 49 states. The company owns assets worth $300,235,104, a capital equaling $5,206,435, and net surplus amounting to $46,490,962.

Continental General Insurance also has a membership in the Ceres Group of Companies that has assets of $718 million. The company offers insurance products oriented towards seniors such as life & medical insurance; annuity. Continental General Insurance Company with the help of its affiliated insurance agents distributes insurance products for groups, individuals and families.

Company’s senior health insurance comprises Supplement Medicare, short term insurance, long term insurance, pharmacy plans and hospital cover. The seniors can also avail annuities and life insurance coverage with Continental General Insurance Company. The company works as a subsidiary of Great American Financial Resources (GAFR) &.
Continental Life Insurance Company was founded in 1983. Since then, the company which is located in Brentwood, Tennessee has been serving as a nationwide insurance provider of Supplemental Medicare Insurance through more than 15,000 insurance agents.

Continental Life Insurance, in the year 2012 became an Aetna Company that further increased its strength and added to its stability. The company has got assets amounting to $160,978,890, a capital of about of $1,600,100 and a net surplus equaling $60,500,265.
Dallas General Life Insurance Company was established in the year 1981. The company provides Supplement Medicare Insurance for senior citizens all over the Texas state. In the year 2006 (March) Christian Fidelity Life Insurance Company acquired Dallas General Life.

Dallas Life Insurance Company at present has 7500 (approx) number of clients for the Medicare Supplemental policy. Moreover, the company’s about 1,000 producers of insurance products are distributed all over Texas, Dallas.

Christian Fidelity Life Insurance and Dallas General Life Insurance are both a division of the Oxford Family of Insurance Companies. Dallas has got assets equaling $11,302,491, a capital amounting to $800,000 and net surplus totaling $4,930,105.

The company has been graded with B++ (GOOD) rating for its strong financial power and stability. Dallas General Life Insurance Company has also been given VII rating (financial size). The financial size implies that Dallas General Life Insurance Company annually makes $100 to $250.
Equitable Life & Casualty Insurance Company was founded in 1935. The company offers many insurance products (health) that are directed towards older people in America. Equitable Life & Casualty Insurance Company has its headquarters in Salt Lake City, Utah.

The company changed its name from Equitable Mutual Life Insurance Company of Utah to Equitable Life & Casualty Insurance Company in the year 1938 (May). Their products comprise Medicare supplement, long term insurance (health) & whole life insurance.

Equitable Life & Casualty Insurance Company has licensed independent insurance agents that cover mostly all U.S. states to supply its insurance products. The company's assets worth $320,425,820, a capital amounting to $2,750,000, & net surplus totaling $2,750,000.
Family Life Insurance Company was incorporated in 1949. Manhattan Life bought Family Life Insurance Company in the year 2006. The company Family Life specializes in offering insurance products such as Mortgage Protection (life insurance) in order to safeguard family’s most precious possessions, their sweet home.

In 2012, Family Life Insurance made an addition of latest Family Protection Life products of insurance to their company’s portfolio. The Medicare Supplement plans offered by the Family Life Insurance Company matches an individual’s financial situation, needs & budget.

Moreover, their supplemental Medicare insurance plans provide a comprehensive coverage in terms of hospital bills and doctor visits. The Family Life Insurance Company gives immense financial support to cover your out-of-pocket expenses. The company total assets amounts to $905 million with a capital & surplus equaling $205 million (as recorded on 12/31/2010).
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