Mutual of Omaha

Famous for funding a well known show on television, Wild Kingdom, Mutual of Omaha is in itself a well known name in the insurance industry and is listed among the top Fortune 500 companies and has its headquarter at Omaha, Nebraska. The company began its operation as health benefit and Accident Association in the early nineties, selling comprehensively designed health insurance coverage to minimize the burden of liability on individuals in case of illness and/or accident.

With time, the company has mushroomed itself from a small insurance company serving a small region to a large organization serving people at the national level with a wide range of product portfolio for people of any age or requirement. In the year 1962, the company was renamed as Mutual of Omaha from its previous name of Mutual Benefit Health and Accident Association.

At present the company is providing financial and insurance products throughout the nation for groups, individuals and business houses. The company is serving individual market through Medicare supplement insurance, insurance for disability and long term and annuities. The company also provide insurance coverage to people working in companies as employee insurance which include benefits on retirement, and various others group products for employees.

Mutual of Omaha Medicare Supplement Plan

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