Loyal American Medicare Supplement Plans Explained

Loyal American Insurance is a Mobile, Alabama based Medicare Supplemental Insurance Company which was founded in 1955. It is a major branch of The Great American Supplemental Benefits (GASB). For nearly 50 years, The Great American Supplemental Benefits have pursued in supplying supplemental life and health insurance products to various people in the United States. Loyal American Medicare Supplement Insurance is a primary illustration of such commitment and well-timed delivery..

Loyal American Supplemental Rates

Loyal American Insurance and Great American Supplemental Benefits are both currently active members of the Great American Financial Resources Inc. affiliated companies. Loyal American Insurance Company is licensed to endorse Medicare Supplement Insurance products in all states except the District of Columbia, the U.S. Virgin Islands and New York.

Why Loyal American Insurance?
Loyal American Medicare Supplement Insurance Company helps its members in filling up the gaps dug up by excess charges which are uncovered by the Original Medicare. As the costs of co-insurance and deductibles are rising, people are looking for ways to increase their Medicare Coverage in order to pay for their out-of-pocket expenses.

Products Provided by Loyal American Insurance:

  • Medicare Supplement Insurance
  • Supplement Health Products

The above mentioned products are provided by accredited, qualified and professional insurance agents. Loyal American Insurance Company is unrivalled when it comes to quality control and quality assurance. This company certainly knows how to keep its customers happy.

Loyal American Medicare Supplement Plans

Loyal American’s Medicare Supplement Insurance:
The Medicare Supplemental Insurance provided by Loyal American is additionally addressed as Medigap Insurance. This insurance policy provides Medicare Coverage for all the services where your Original Medicare plan stops short.  Loyal American Medicare Supplement insurance is actually available for people who have already signed up for Medicare.

Individuals who own Medicare plans get only 80% of the insurance coverage for the physician’s visit. This implies that they have to bear the remaining 20% by themselves.  Any physician, who acknowledges Medicare, also admits Supplemental Medicare Insurance which in turn shuts down the need of referrals. Moreover, Loyal American Supplemental Medicare Insurance Plans are lifetime renewable.

What does Loyal American’s Supplemental insurance Offer you?
Medigap Insurance is provided by Loyal American so as to help provide coverage for medical costs. In case you meet any fatal accident or are diagnosed with any major illness, your Original Medicare will not be in a position to provide full coverage for your medical treatment costs.

Often a severe medical problem will not allow you to work for a certain time period. Certain Loyal American Medicare Supplement Policies can provide Medicare Coverage for your expenses during the time you are jobless.

SLoyal American Supplemental Insurance Policy offers an additional layer of protection along with other existing insurance plans that you presently own. Some of the Loyal American Medicare Supplement policies likewise offer Medicare benefit in the form of money. This money could be utilized in paying non-medical expenses such as:  

  • Grocery expenses
  •  Child care
  •  Bills
  • Transportation

Medicare Supplement Insurance Polices available at Loyal American comprise of:

  • Critical Illness Policy
  • Hospital surgery
  • Heart insurance policies
  • Accidental Plans
  • Hospital stays
  • Cancer
Loyal American Insurance Policies

Benefits of Owning Loyal American Supplement Insurance:
There are abundant benefits of Medicare Supplement Insurance Plans provided by the Loyal American Insurance Company. These are as following:

  • Direct payment of the lump sum amount to the insured, even if there is another existing insurance coverage
  • A specific guaranteed sum of money. Even if the individual retires or alters his/her job, he/she receives the benefits
  • Your premium amount gets returned back to you after a certain time period, if you possess a policy rider

Remember! Traditional health insurance plans cannot cover your medical expenses as much as the Loyal American Medicare Supplemental Insurance plans can. So, don’t think twice and purchase your Medicare Supplement Policy from Loyal American now.

Loyal American Medicare Supplemental Insurance

Loyal American Insurance Company

President: Bradley A. Wolfram
Claims Address: P.O. Box 559004, Austin, Texas 78755-9004
Toll Free Number: 800-633-6752
Company’s Phone Number: 512-451-2224
Company's Address: 11200 Lakeline Blvd #100 Austin, Texas 78717
Types of Insurance Licensed to Write: Health, Life and Accidental

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