Take Advantage of The Medicare Prescription Drug Benefits

Barack Obama Discusses Medicare and Medicare Part D

To get the most out of Medicare drug benefits, you need to calculate your annual expenses as if you had no insurance. Basic Medicare prescription drug benefits end at $2,300 retail.

With those numbers you can clearly see when your insurance ends. If your benefits end part way through the year, you will want to talk to one of our Medicare insurance representatives about avoiding that problem.

It is possible to maximize your Medicare drug benefits no matter how much you spend each year on medications. There are premium Part D plans available to cover the "Doughnut Hole" so you must be aware of how much you are spending annually on prescriptions, and choose accordingly.

Medicare Drug Benefit

Our service is a recommended way to enhance the Medicare part d drug benefit

By consulting with one of our Medicare representatives you will be properly informed about which plan best suits your needs. We help you take advantage of the Medicare drug benefit by understanding which plan is best for your situation.

Contact us for a no obligation price quote and we can discuss how to save more money on your part d prescription costs.

A Medicare Drug Benefit Savings Tip

Calculate your local drugstore costs as if you have no insurance.

When the full retail annual price exceeds $2,249 your medical insurance ends and you are officially in the "Doughnut Hole" with most plans.

We recommend that you use your analytical abilities to figure out which Medicare Part D insurance plan is best to take full advantage of the available supplemental benefits. Try to avoid hitting the Doughnut Hole.