Why Choose Mail Order Prescription Drug Services Over Your Local Drugstore

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Here’s one question that all seniors might want to ask. How can I find mail order plans acceptable by Humana Medicare Part D? Answer: Just look for it on the Drugstore website.

But really now, the more accurate question to ask is this: Why should I bother with A Canadian drugstore mail service for prescription drugs? The answer is very simple: savings and convenience, and even more savings.

Now, for the savings part.

There are two ways to get started:

  • Download the PDF version of Prescription Order Form, fill in the form, and send via the mail.
  • Download the Physician Fax Form have your doctor to fill it out with your needed 90-day prescription.

Once you’ve started, you can start saving right away. Drugstore members can actually have zero copayments on their Part D plans for Tier 1 or preferred generics when they purchase through the mail ordering system.

But even if you’re purchasing prescription drugs, you will still get savings. If you buy a Lipitor 10 mg, for example, you only pay $40 for your 90-day supply. Compare this with the retail price Lipitor, which is at $60 for a 30-day supply. Across all prescription drug orders, you can actually save $20 each time.

The Canadian Drugstore mail-order prescription drug service allows its member unlimited orders every year, and with each order, you get three-months supply on your prescription medicine. Medicines are delivered to you in foil sealed containers.

The most important thing about a Canadian Drugstore mail-order service is that your safety and security are guaranteed each time. With each new prescription, two independent pharmacists review that particular drug and how it could interact with the other drugs you’re taking.

Why Canadian Drugstore

In some places in the United States, you can have as many as 100 different plans from 50 different plans. While you can always go through each plan, it might just be a waste of your time. It’s always good advice to go for a trusted brand in anything.
Humana Medicare plans cover all prescription drugs most commonly prescribed to seniors. Humana Part D plans also provide discount to drugs not covered by Medicare, like weight loss drugs.

About Medicare Part D

If you are a Medicare recipient, you’re really not required to take out a Medicare Part D plan. Drugs that are necessary and incidental to your hospital and outpatient care are actually covered under you main Medicare plan. However, if you need prescription medicine to maintain your health, then you need a Medicare Part D plan.

Medicare Part D plans are not at all created alike. Some plans, unlike the Humana drug plans, might not even cover the prescription drugs you need.