Medicaid Benefits And Chemical Sensitivity

Medicaid Benefits And Chemical Sensitivity

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After scanning through numerous documents we were unable to find any specific medicaid benefits for chemical sensitivity. Many people have different levels of intolerance, and some have full blown allergies to many chemicals. If you fall into this category, it's a good idea to write down what bothers you.

Here is a copy of an interesting document from the Government Medicare site which can help you keep track of pills you are taking, things you are allergic to and one of the main problems with prescription medications. It does not mention anything about medicaid benefits for chemical sensitivity but again, we are not aware of any such benefits.

Chemical Sensitivity Issues

Medicare and Medicaid are universal health care programs, but limited in many respects. That's why there are so many private insurance companies offering supplemental insurance plans. The government can't possibly cover every medical discomfort, but they do a great job of taking care of those of us in need.

If you're old enough you may recall the controversy about Vietnam veterans asking for help with post war problems related to chemical sensitivity. Some of them were exposed to agent orange and other nasty chemicals that allegedly caused health problems long after their tour of duty was over.

If you feel you are a victim of chemical exposure and you might be entitled to some medicaid benefits for chemical sensitivity, then see your Doctor to document your symptoms at the nearest convenience. If you are able to build a case, you will need evidence. In some cases a class action suit may be in progress. If you fall in that category then you might be able to find out what your rights are by searching online.

Another good resource besides the internet would be private legal counsel. A good lawyer should be able to find out if there are any ongoing proceedings in your area of concern.