Top Rated Medicare Advantage Plans – a Real Advantage

One out of four Americans is a Medicare Plan beneficiary. This means that nearly 25 percent of American population depends on Medicare for health care related expenses. When a person reaches 65 years of age, they become eligible for Part A Medicare. This part covers hospitalization and in-patient needs, although it does not get you the comprehensive benefits you get in the top rated Medicare Advantage Plans.

Too many policies can become difficult to handle

Several health care requirements are not covered under Part A, especially with regard to outpatient care and drugs. In order to make it convenient for beneficiaries, Part B plan is available. This plan takes care of major outpatient expenses. Despite Part B, several healthcare requirements are still left out, especially with regard to drug costs. Part D is available for drug cover.

Although these various policies do help in covering a major part of medical expenses, it becomes rather cumbersome for a person to manage all of them. As a simple solution Medicare Advantage Plans have been initiated. Also called Medicare Part C, this plan supplements your Part A cover and can be a real advantage. Here is why.

Why top rated Medicare Advantage Plans are a true advantage

If you are a person who likes to go to a mall where you can find all that you need, instead of going to several different small retail stores, you are very likely to understand the benefits of the Advantage Plan. Discarding the limitation that this is only provided for Part A beneficiaries, here are the major benefits of the plan.

More than 25 percent of Medicare beneficiaries opt for Advantage Plans. As you read on, you get to know that the benefits clearly outnumber the limitations and that these top rated Medicare Advantage Plans are a real advantage.

  • You receive comprehensive coverage that includes benefits of Part A, B and D
  • Dental, vision and hearing related medical expenses are also covered under some of the top rated Medicare Advantage Plans
  • Pre existing conditions are disregarded
  • A single policy in the form of Part C is adequate for most of your medical needs. You don’t have to think about other supplement plans
  • The plan is cost effective. Here is how it works: (Medicare Part A premiums + MediGap premiums) > Medicare Advantage premiums. So you save money in the long run
  • Extremely cost effective for people who do not require regular doctor visits because premiums are low, although deductibles and out of pocket expenses are higher
  • Extremely comprehensive coverage for people under the age of 65 as well
  • You are not restricted to the Medicare network of doctors and hospitals in times of emergency

Part C has some limitations as well. One of the major limitations is that the policy is not independent. You have to be a Medicare Part A holder to be eligible for this plan. Deductibles and out of pocket expense tend to be slightly higher. Copayments, coinsurance and extra charges are a part of the plan. Due to higher deductibles, the plan is not very suitable for people who need frequent visits to the doctor.

If you sort through the many providers and zero your list down to the top rated Medicare Advantage Plans, you can save a good lot of money without compromising on coverage. So in many ways Advantage coverage is a true advantage.