Know Your Medigap Policy before You Purchase

Medicare insurance policies are a great deal to pay those extensive medical bills, but to rely solely on a Medicare policy is something that won’t be supported by many. There are many ‘gaps’ that are not being covered by a Medicare policy and that’s where it helps people to manage their medical expenses around the year.

Medicare is a program initiated by the federal government to provide medical assistance to the senior section of society as only half of the elderly section had medical insurance.

Medicare would cover all the basic needs, when down with bad health, but it does not cover all the expenses. Even after enrolling in a Medicare plan, people found squeezing on their pockets to pay their medical bills. To avoid these extra expenses, people started opting for Medigap plans, infused in 1992.

Although Medigap is certified and standardized by Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services, they are catered by Private Insurance companies.

Knowing Medigap Insurance Policy:

Medigap coverage policy is a continuation feature to the Medicare policy. Medigap policies are intended to pay for those expenses which are not covered by regular Medicare plans.

Medigap policies are drafted for the senior section of society, saving them from getting drained out financially by just paying a little more! It does not only help in paying medical bills but also provide added benefits to the original plan. The best bid is to have an original Medicare plan and back it up with an appropriate Medigap Insurance plan.

Purchasing Medigap Insurance Policy:

The cost of those extra pints of blood, initial days that you spend in the hospital, custodial expenses, overseas treatment, emergency treatment, getting an experienced nurse and all those “incidental costs” are looked after by Medigap policies.

There is a wider coverage of health benefits. Apart from covering the basic needs of the patients, they also offer in-house services, cover the expense of therapies and some of them even cover gym expenses.

Different Categories of Medigap Insurance:

These policies can be categorized into three parts:
Age Issue
  • Age of the insured matters, younger tend to pay low
  • Cost covered remains the same irrespective of the age
  • Age is no bar
  • All people getting enrolled need to pay same amount of premium
Arriving at Age
  • Age at the start of policy matters
  • As insured ages, the cost of premium increases

Medigap Insurance: Cost Examination

To be generic, the price or the cost depends on the basic factors as follows:

  • Prices may vary depending on the company you are dealing with
  • Complete coverage
  • Gender matters: females pay less than men
  • If single, one tends to pay more than married couples
  • On the basis of the “category” chosen for the Medigap coverage plan

All these factors if not to a great extent, but to some extent affect the amount of the premium to be paid by an individual. If you tend to save a little more of money, try following these three steps:

# 1: The "open enrollment period" must be utilized
# 2: Discover which plan best supplements your original Medicare Plan
# 3: Get a Rate Quote

Options beyond Medigap Insurance Policy:

Apart from opting for a Medigap Insurance Policy, there are several other options that are available in market which can help an individual to cut down on medical. Here’s an overview of the plans available:

  • Managed Care Insurance Plan:

A cluster of doctors, nurses, hospitals and other healthcare service providers involved with Medicare, to provide care and services to the patients. They are paid in a fixed amount by Medicare in lieu of the services that they are providing. Some plans charge extra premium for this option, but one needs not buy another supplemental policy if one has a Managed Care Plan.

  • Medical Savings Account Insurance Plan:

A unique product allowing the insured to pay medical expenses using their savings account, and the coverage of the expenses will be provided by a high deducting coverage plan. The main benefit of having this plan is that one can have more control on health care utilization allowing the covering of fatal diseases.

  • Religious Fraternal Benefit Society Insurance Plan:

A health care plan that is being offered by specific society where it is mandatory to be part of the society before the services can be availed. The society must meet all the guidelines of Medicare and Internal Revenue Services, before coming into existence.

  • Private Fee for Service Insurance Plan:

Choosing a Medigap plan need not be challenging. All one needs to do is identify your individual requirements, have a visual layout of all the expenses you will incur and then apply online for the right plan. Speak to a licensed Medigap professional as well as making your own evaluation to ensure you get the most for your money.

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