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Please register for your free website with embedded Medicare supplement quote engine after clicking GO. It is free and will alway be.

Bob Gordon Delivers Free Real-Time Medicare Leads

How Does It Work?

The Medicare shopper visits our site in search of a Medicare plan and fills out the quote form. The client is forwarded to a "Thank You" page displaying your name, photo, contact info and link to your web site.

The same is auto responded to the client via email. As well, this real-time exclusive lead is forwarded to your cell phone and email.

This type of exclusive Medicare lead generation has an exceptionally high close ratio.

Exclusive Medicare Lead Generation

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Free Exclusive Leads

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Free Medicare Leads for Insurance Agents

Thanks to our expertise in internet search engines, our previously small brokerage has catapulted to be the Medicare insurance industry's leading producer. This has happened at a very rapid pace.

Boost your sales with online insurance leads

We simply have too many Medicare supplement leads and not enough licensed Medicare insurance agents. Please fill out the form and indicate in the zip codes that you would be able to personally visit clients. Many of us know that when the client indicates that they want a supplement that the client ends up with an Advantage plan. For the most part, Medicare Advantage insurance companies require the licensed Medicare insurance agent to witness the signature. We will endeavor to give you leads in your local community.

On a daily basis, hundreds of Medicare recipients are requesting to speak to a local, licensed insurance agent via our web site and others. These interested parties are requesting a supplemental, an Advantage or a Part D quote. Often, the one requesting part D really needs a supplement or Advantage insurance or vice versa. There is much confusion in the clients' understanding of these terms.

The client will instantaneously be sent to a thank-you page that has the local agent's contact information, photograph and web site link. This "Thank You" page will not have the rates of the insurers. It is your job to provide that information.

As well, the client will receive via email thanking them for requesting information. This email to the client will include the contact information of one local Medicare insurance specialist and his/her photograph and web site link who will be able present the various options. Medicare agents who enter our lead program should email to david (at) naaip.org their photograph.

One local Medicare agent will receive via email the contact information of a local resident who is requesting a Medicare supplement, Advantage or Part D quote. It should be noted that our web sites are only requesting the potential client's name, phone, email, zip and age. This is the information that is sent to the local Medicare insurance agent.

We have different agreements in various parts of the country with Medicare supplement and Advantage agents. Some areas we sell leads, some areas we have captive agents, some areas we have independent Medicare supplement / Advantage agents selling the best value in the area. As one would imagine, Medicare Advantage leads are very hot from this web site. Please initiate the contact with us and we will gladly inform you of what arrangement can be made.

Recently, we have devoted much effort with new agents to our guaranteed issue health insurance product. The reason for this is simple: if you google guaranteed insurance, guaranteed health insurance, guaranteed issue health insurance, and various related terms we have Google's #1 web site.

We try to be imaginative in giving free leads for health insurance agents that work with us. What better way to reward our hard working colleagues than by providing high quality leads; this is the business that we're in, after all.

Thanks for visiting our web site and we are looking forward to servicing America's Medicare insurance agents for supplement and Advantage leads. Your satisfaction is our pleasure.

Medicare insurance agents who need leads and know how to sell are welcome to our organization. We have Medicare Advantage, Supplement and Part D leads and we are waiting for you to get in touch.

Guaranteed Issue Health Insurance

The guaranteed insurance agents will receive free exclusive Medicare leads for every sale you make on the guaranteed product. We just generate many more Medicare leads than guaranteed issue leads. As one would imagine the Medicare leads are not as good as Medicare supplement appointments or Medicare advantage appointments, therefore we are now making scheduled Medicare appointments for agents that work with us.

As an aside, the guaranteed policy works very well with spouses of Medicare eligible for obvious reason. In many states it is virtually impossible for a 60 year old to acquire private insurance from the traditional health insurance company. The 60 year old is often times a spouse of a Medicare recipient.

The entire guaranteed health sale process is on a user-friendly web site. We'll give you the web site. We have partnered with the insurer that is the industry leader. Sales to groups are encouraged as well. Getting a Medicare policy is a hassle-free task. You can obtain quotes from top-notch insurance providers within seconds.

We have multiple Medicare supplement insurance agents receiving 5-6 leads per day in Palm Beach County, Florida and other part of the country. For these full time employees we get imaginative in figuring out fair compensation packages. Our end goal is to have a super salesman in every metropolitan area of the USA.

There is a distinct difference between an Medicare supplement appointment lead set by our agency and by any other set of professionals in the insurance industry. The leads and appointments that we set are designed for the sale to be made.

Ideally, the insurance agent is there to witness the signature for a Medicare Advantage plan, supplement or to pick up the Part D paperwork. Of course, other insurance products will be sold during the appointments.

From our experience, this is the most successful way in which the insurance pro can operate. Experience has taught us well.

We can send the Medicare insurance agent on 5-6 quality leads per day. Four closed sales per day on the supplement or Advantage plan will have the agent generating an above average middle class lifestyle wage in a very short period of time. This is the goal and that is why you entered the insurance sales business in the first place.

Your Personalized Web site with Embedded Medicare Quote Engine

Our job is to provide you the tools to help you sell. Agents that work with us will receive a personalized web site with an embedded Medicare supplement quote engine. Providing support to the "top dogs" in the industry is our job. The client has to respect you, the agent, as an expert in the industry. It is safe to assume that an industry expert should have a "kick-a.." web site!

We realize that experienced Medicare agents are already contracted with many of the insurers that we work with (and these IMOs provide you "Jack"). Please join our daily conference call and we can discuss the details of moving you over to our organization. Be among the thousands of agents that have benefitted from this exclusive and informative service to date.

More Free Medicare Supplement Leads

Great news for financial planners and life insurance agents. The life settlement industry is huge and offers great commissions. Please contact us and we will broker your deal to the highest bidder in the industry, you'll be the agent of record and make the sale. We contractually obligate ourselves to disclose the full offer. Incredible.

As a bonus, our site will give you multiple free Medicare supplement or Advantage leads. We actually work with the agent to help them turn the lead / appointment into the Medicare sale. These are high quality, real-time leads and you can expect an excellent (40%-50%) close ratio.