Information on Medicare Supplemental Plans

Insurance Brokerage of Delray Beach, Florida was founded 25 years back. It works on three values that are at its core: service, quality, and saving the client’s money. Delray Beach Insurance Brokerage built to serve the entire country. We continue to prosper and grow but have remained committed to the principles that have been our foundation for more than twenty five years.

supplement Medicare Insurance plans


A Medicare Supplement Policy holder will not tolerate promises that are not honored. Policy holders expect the Medicare Supplement insurance company to pay the medical expenses on a timely basis. This is what the client demands and expects. That’s why we deal with only those companies that are reliable and well managed. For over 20 years, have been independent brokers who have been providing peace of mind to their clients.


As a responsible organization, we respect our clients and treat them like our bosses. In reality, the customers are the reason we are going to work and support our families. Therefore, we service out clients with the respect that they deserve. Part of our service is to present you the products that are the best in the market. We believe that we are an excellent organization, and strive to offer you great products and excellent service.


Quality is what we offer. Our client base is particular about insurance policies. We are aware of this thing and therefore present quality products to our clients. We will never compromise product integrity. We also know that price is usually the main determining factor in the supplemental Medicare Insurance industry. If you choose our Medicare supplemental insurance, you will be offered the lowest price for a particular plan in your area.

> Freedom of Choice: Our policyholders are free to visit any medical professional that they desire. The supplement Medicare Insurance companies that we represent do not restrict your freedom of choice.

Guaranteed Renewability: Our Medicare Supplement policies cannot be canceled.

> Flexible Benefits: We represent insurance companies whose policies provide basic insurance protection for policy holders. Medicare Benefit options such as the amount of coverage will determine the benefits that you wish for.

> Portability: We offer plans that are individually issued. Our Medicare Supplement Insurance policies are transferable from city to city and state to state. In various states, our supplemental Medicare plan benefits are identical.

Medicare supplement policy holders should know that their Medicare Supplement policy will be in force and that they can enjoy its benefits at all the places where Medicare coverage is honored.

Our forte is Medicare Advantage insurance and our success relies on our commitment to this niche market. Our job and goal is to be the leader of this industry. Our job entails knowing which insurer has the lowest Medicare supplemental premiums so that our clients benefit from our Medicare supplement program.

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