The Medicare Supplement Insurance Chart

There are 10 standardized Medicare Supplement Insurance plans, named “A” through “N.” There are various types of benefits offered by every Medicare Supplement plan. The following chart shows the benefits included in each plan.

The Basic Benefits Included in Medicare Supplement Plan N-M are:

  • a) Hospitalization: Coinsurance in Medicare Part A and an additional coverage for 365 days as the Medicare benefits expires
  • b) Medical expenses: Coinsurance in Medicare Part B (normally twenty percent of expenses are approved by Medicare), or copayments for outpatient services in hospital
  • c) Blood: First 3 pints each year

Here is the Medicare Supplement Insurance Chart showing comparison between Medicare Supplement plans A-N:

Medicare Supplement Insurance  Chart

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There is an option for high deductible in Medicare Plan F. The insured person has the benefit of high deductible along with lower premium, but the person is required to pay from his or her pocket which is than reimbursed later on. The person is charged seperately for the benefits related to foreign travel.

Part A Deductible :

Many of the Medicare Supplement insurance plans cover the deductible for the insured persons for services like home health-care, in-patient hospital and trained nursing facility. Medicare pays all the cost lying in insurance coverage for every single benefit period excluding the Medicare Part A Deductible that amounts to $1,132 in 2012 (for the initial 60 days). The coinsurance amount with regard to the hospital stays (exceeding 60 days < 150 days) are also not included.

Medicare Part A Deductible - 2012:

You are required to pay the following amount for every single benefit period:

  • An amount totalling to $1,132 for the hospitals stay from 1-60 days
  • For 61-90 days of hospital stay, that amount equals  $283 per day
  • For 91-150 days (Lifetime - Reserve Days of hospital stay the price amounts to be $566
  • Total of the costs for the days exceeding 150

Skilled Nursing Coinsurance

Part B Deductible:

Part B covers the insured’s deductible for Medicare approved services such as outpatient hospital, doctor, some health services for home and long- lasting medical apparatus.

Medicare Part B Deductible – 2012:

  • After paying the deductible of $162, patients/insured persons are required to pay 20% for the services approved by the Medicare.

Part B Excess Charges:

Part B Excess Charges in Medicare refers to the above charges that a doctor/ physician levy from a patient. These extra charges that are made by the doctor fall beyond the amount limit for a service as approved by the Medicare.  Many doctors do follow the standardized rate by Medicare and many just refuse.

Hence, individuals in the latter case have to be responsible for these extra charges. If you are insured with Medicare Advantage Plans, it will give you coverage for Part B Excess charges. For instance Medicare Supplement Plan G and Medicare Plan F. 100 percent of the Part B Excess costs are covered by the Medicare Supplement plans.

Foreign Travel Emergency:

Medicare Supplemental plans such as C, D, F, G offer foreign travel emergency care (health) cover when you travel outside U.S. The above mentioned Medicare supplement health insurance plans pay 80% of the emergency costs within 60 days of every trip after paying your deductible of $250

Coverage for foreign travel emergency in Medicare Supplemental plans constitute $50,000 lifetime limit. However, it is essential to monitor your health insurance plan for knowing the exact coverage for foreign travel emergency. There are some Medicare + Choice plans available that offer Insurance benefits giving you worldwide health coverage (foreign travel emergency) on travelling out of the United States.

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