Do Insurance Agents Deserve Such High Commissions?

Are you thinking of joining the insurance sales stream? Good Idea! Just one thought may suddenly strike you. How will I be compensated in the sales business? Yes, it’s the ‘commissions’ and not 'salary’ that an agent receives for his or her services.

As per the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS - 2008), $46,480 was the median income determined for agents. But, as we all are acquainted with the rising costs of insurance, it becomes an obvious questioning thought as to how much money gets delivered to an agent.

Commissions offered to the agents differ with respective policies and the exact commissions are the dominion insurance company information. But still, there is some basic information regarding commissions meant for the agents that prevails in the industry.

An insurance provider deserves a commission rightly so because of his effort and time that he/she devotes to the working hours that comprises making telephone calls, making contacts and learning sessions with people.

What Type of Income Makes an Agent’s Commission?

An insurance agent’s monthly commission consists of two types of income. These are:

  • 1 year commission
  • Renewal

Although, an expected salary is absent but some companies do offer some training allowance to the agents at the starting phase of work in order to encourage the newly appointed candidates. But if any positive change is not met, the training allowance can be cancelled.

The month-end performance evaluation is the only thing that determines the commission of an agent. They should be concentrated towards visualizing sales prospect with related techniques, convincing and selling. The additional significant requirement that decides the commission of the agent is a ‘speedy start’.

The fact that insurance business is certainly not a sport meant for viewing just explains the business. This implies that as an agent, your work just not finishes with visiting people, making acquaintances and carrying on with it – “Getting Results” is the sole aim that fetches the agent with great commissions.

Why Commission Income Shares Popularity in the Industry?

As is the population is increasing with each day, so is the case with professionalism. An individual is not satisfied with one job, one salary and one position. Multitasking, skill enhancement for greater prosperity for the sake of family, high career ambitions and a luxurious lifestyle – a better life drives one to take on more than one job.

For the simple reason that Medicare supplement insurance sales work is safe for recession effects, the very profession becomes a ‘like’ for many individuals. Moreover, a big sales experience is regarded by many industries.

Commissions & Convenience Experienced by Agents:

Firstly, unlike other sales professional, an agent does not have to bear a ‘cumbersome wait’ for the prospective customer to walk into the store to purchase something.

There are always some types of commissions with which the sales professionals get compensated in almost all the businesses. Commission is the best thing for an individual who feels some dissatisfaction with the compensation he/she actually deserves.

How do They Decide Commissions?

With growing competition in the industry, we are always happy to deliver great commissions and compensate that type of person who feels that his sales propagating talent is getting wasted in his current working zone. We provide excellent commissions to the candidates (future insurance agents) who have are zealous go getters and desiring greater value in life.

What Makes you a Good Insurance Agent & Fetches You Excellent Commissions?

A person wishing to be an expert in the sales field has to gather some skills such as:

  • Excellent Communication
  • Ability to convince
  • Ability to understand a customer’s unique needs, situation and financial situation
  • Friendly nature
  • Knowledge of sales strategies
  • Courage and patience to handle different kind of people

Insurance business, be it health or life is based on the skill of communicating or forwarding an idea to the public. These companies have a bigger objective than just selling insurance products. They want to bring a sense of assurance and stability into our lives.

Standard Commissions Offered:

Commissions offered to agents ranges from 5 to 20 percent. They get more commissions paid in the first year rather in the renewal years in regard to Medicare advantage plans. A larger group policy though has a high amount of flexibility with the commissions and renewals paid to agents.

What our Medicare Supplement Insurance Company Expects From You?

When our company hires you, we expect just a simple task performance by you i.e. ‘New business generation’ by prospecting and consequently generating new leads.

The prime skill required is to make a fine search and recognize the prospective clients/customers whom you can sell the plans. An ability to carry out this primary task with success decides your commission with respective companies that offer Medicare supplements.

How does the Whole System Work?

There are two ways (concepts) through which insurance companies distribute their products and decide on the commissions. These are:

  • Captive agent
  • Independent insurance broker

Captive Insurance Agent: An agent when works for a particular company, it is known as a captive agent. He is only supposed to sell the insurance products displayed in the company’s portfolio. These companies may enable you with some kind of training allowance but not a salary indeed.

The companies allow the agent to move into the business by allotting them part time work and time to adapt to it. He or she is supposed to build out the sales business.

Independent Insurance Broker/Agent: You can be a representative of as many companies according to your wish. Here, the commission is true earned commission as the trend of ‘no salary’ remains the same and you only have to pay for each and everything. The fact is that in the broker agent concept, only an inch of aid can be expected in terms of training allowance. It is generally meant for those individuals who have more experience and with a desire to open an insurance agency of their own. This requires your focused effort, time and your money as well.

There are several companies that utilize both the agents’ concept and hence decide on the commissions, the agent is supposed to receive.

The truth behind is that there is no salary for agents in this ‘business of sales’. A successful agent, that brings in ‘results’; generates new business gets valued and paid with high commissions by the companies.

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