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Mr. Paul Romero was facing multiple options. As a senior citizen of 65 years old he was searching for a Medicare supplemental plan. He was covered under a regular Medicare health insurance supplement. However, there were expenses that the regular Medicare plan did not cover. He was advised by his other senior friends to opt for a Medicare supplemental plan.

Mr. Paul Romero started checking for an appropriate Medicare supplemental plan and visited different websites online. Many of them provided information on a Medicare coverage. However, the options were varied and Mr. Romero did not how to choose the Medicare supplemental plan that would exactly fit to his requirement.

Medigap Supplement Insurance plans listed from A-L, for all you needs.

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Many senior American citizens face similar dilemma as that of Mr. Paul Romero. On the other hand, finding an appropriate Medigap supplemental coverage is an absolute necessity. While most of the senior citizens are covered by a regular Medicare health insurance plan, neither Medigap nor managed care program covers for all the healthcare expenditure incured during medical treatment such as doctor's and hospital visit, or nursing home bills. That is why a senior citizen will require Medigap supplemental policy.

Mr. Romero found solution to his problem when he saw the various Medicare Plan F's available. The site offered a listing of all the benefits provided by every Medicare supplement options, Plans A through Plan L. It was now easy for Mr. Romero to select the plan matching his needs.

If you have questions about the above options and how to use them as Medicare supplemental plan, please see our answers to your various questions.

The rules and regulations of the original Medigap plan is framed by the federal government and is a traditional coverage the reimburse ofr every pay-per-visit coverage. However, there are several private insurance companies through which one can enroll in supplement insurance. The Medigap coverage will pay the entire or some of the health care expenditure that are not covered by Medigap. Ordinarily there are two types of Medigap policies. One is retiree or employee coverage through Medigap supplemental plan provided by the employer and the other is "Medigap" Medicare supplemental plan provided by a private group or company. A Medicare supplemental plan is however subject to federal laws.

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