Compare Medicare Part D Plans

With the new Medicare Benefit Part D plan, there are a lot of choices:

Your Medicare Benefit May Not Cover Everything. Depending on what your retail "annual expenses" are, you will want to ensure you choose the correct prescription Part D savings plan to fit your real needs.

There are Part D plans that are more suitable for those who take a lot of prescription medications, while other companies will be a better fit for those who hardly take any medication drugs.

You Can Save More Money!

Find a scenario that seems closest to your needs

Compare the Part D plans in an analytical manner and choose the Medicare Part D insurance that will save you the most money.

Here is a Checklist of Questions to Ask Yourself:

Coordination with your other benefits:

Will the Medicare prescription drug plan work in accordance with my current drug coverage?
Could I lose my retiree or employer health benefits if I join a Part D plan?

Drugs Covered:

Does my chosen policy cover all my meds?
Does it at least cover the most important meds on its formulary?
If not, does it offer an alternative? (Consult your doctor)
Do I need to ask for permission for my specified medication?


What are the pharmacy costs for coinsurance or copayments for each respective drug that I require?
Are there alternative medications with lower coinsurance? (Consult your doctor)
What are the monthly premium and yearly deductible fees?
Does the plan have a “coverage gap” or 'Donut Hole' during which I must pay my full drug costs?

Drugstore Network:

Can I fill my prescriptions at the drugstore I use regularly?
Can I fill my prescriptions when I travel?
What happens if I go to drugstores that are not in the network?
Can I get prescriptions by mail order ?

Plan Comparison:

Double Check

As a general rule, the closer that you get to the "doughnut hole" the more advantageous the Part D plan will be for you.

If you go deep into the "doughnut hole" then you are literally throwing money out of the window. If you never get close to the "hole" then you are also throwing away money if you take a more expensive Medicare Part D insurance than you actually need.

You'll see why your savings drop when some medications are not covered, or you are into the "Doughnut Hole" with Medicare Part D.

If you are not happy with your Medicare supplement plan you can exchange it for another at a later stage, but may be subject to charges, particularly if you are cancelling your plan entirely in favor of another insurance provider.