Diabetic Meters Approved by Medicare

Medicare Aproved Diabetic Meters

From our research on diabetic meters aproved by Medicare, we uncovered some interesting information.

It is in your best interest to do a little research on your own before committing to just any old drug store for your supplies.

You will want to download the document on this page from www.Medicare.Gov for the most up to date information on how to get diabetic meters aproved by Medicare. You will click on the blue link that says Adobe PDF - 11022 to get that document.

If this page is gone or does not open for you, go to http://www.Medicare.Gov and type the search term "diabetic meters" into their search box. You will find the search box at the top right hand side of every page on that Government site.

From what they have written in that document, it states that you should ask your Pharmacist if

  • They are enrolled in Medicare and if
  • They accept assignment.

If they answer NO to either of those questions, you should consider looking elsewhere for your supplies.

Another suggestion in that document is to get your supplies delivered by mail from a supplier who is enrolled in the Medicare program and will accept assignment.

If you feel comfortable getting your diabetic supplies by mail, fill in this form and we will have one of our Medicare specialists call you personally to discuss your options.

For a list of a specific make or model of diabetic meters aproved by Medicare we suggest you speak to your local Pharmacist or one of our agents to see what is available in your area. Please fill in the form below to have someone contact you.