Medicare Supplement Insurance Plan

Nevada Medicare Supplement Insurance Plan May be a Good Solution

"You should have a Nevada Medicare supplemental to solve your problem of meeting excess medical expenses not covered by the original Medicare", Mr. Louis Gardener, Financial Adviser to Frederic Schultz was explaining.

Mr. Frederic Schultz, a senior citizen was facing the problem of footing medical bills that were not covered by the original Medicare A and B. He did not have Nevada Medicare Supplemental Insurance coverage.

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"While a Nevada Medigap supplement just may be the solution you are looking for, it is necessary that you choose the right supplemental insurer.   Otherwise, the Nevada Medigap supplement you choose to enroll in may not provide you the necessary financial support at real time."

Adhering to the advice extended by Mr. Gardener, Frederic approached us as being the experts on the Nevada supplemental Medigap .

Medicare's deductibles and co-payments, the costs you must pay, are higher than ever before. Even a one day stay in a hospital can cost you about $1,000 before Medicare begins to pay and an extended stay could cost much more.   Nevada Medicare Supplemental Insurance will cover most of the additional expenses.

As you can see, Medigap requires you to pay out of your own pocket when you need hospitalization. This gap in coverage could cause financial difficulties for both you and your family. Nevada Medigap plans cover these expenses for you.   We have Medicare plans that are guaranteed issue, which means you CAN'T be turned down.

Medicare Supplemental Insurance Nevada

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