Maine Medicare Supplement Insurance

The Maine Medicare Supplement Insurance Plan D Provides Prescription Drug Coverage

The staggering bill of $20,000 was too much for Mr. Max Roswell. Since he had enrolled in Medicare Plan A and Plan B, he did not expect to incur such huge medical expenses.

“You ought to have a Maine Medicare Supplement Insurance Plan coverage”, remarked the front desk girl who handed the bill to Mr. Roswell.

Various Medicare Supplement Insurance plans  listed from A-L.

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Rising health care costs has been a national problem in the last few years in America and Mr. Roswell was one of the victims. Despite having Medigap coverage he was not able to cope with large medical expenses that Medicare did not cover. Worse yet, Mr. Roswell did not have an Medigap supplemental coverage.

An instant solution to Mr. Max Roswell’s problem would be a supplemental Medigap plan that would take care of medical expenses not covered by the original Medigap plan. There are twelve standard plans from A through L.

The Problem for Mr. Roswell was to choose the Medigap health insurance plan most suitable for him. To resolve that problem he approached us.

Since January 1, 1992, Maine supplemental Medicare Insurance products have been standardized. Insurers may sell 12 standard plans plus one high deductible plan which are required to be identified by letter. Moreover, effective from the first of January, 2006, prescription drug coverage will be available through supplement Medigap insurance part D. Plans H and I are discontinued while plan J will be sold without drug benefits.

With our expert support, Mr. Roswell was able to choose the right Maine Medigap supplemental policy to help solve his financial problems.

We are experts in the field of Medicare and the Maine supplemental Medicare Insurance policy. Our insurance plan is easy to understand and an extremely good bargain. You will be protecting yourself from unexpected health care expenses in the future with our Maine Medicare Supplement Insurance plan coverage.

That is not all. There are many more advantages to obtain when you enroll in a Maine Medicare Advantage plan provided by us. For further details, we invite you to visit the Best Medicare Insurance home page where you will find the information on the choices available. We wish you success in making the most advantageous decision for yourself in choosing the correct supplemental Maine Medicare policy.

Medicare Supplemental Insurance Maine

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