Medicare Advantage Plans can Change Your Life

How can Medicare Advantage Plans Help You?
Are you aware of the fact that you have another substitute to Medicare Supplement Insurance in order to expand your Medicare benefits? Rather than enrolling in an original Medicare plan and supplement it with a Medigap Insurance, you can directly sign up for Medicare Advantage Plans.

Medicare Advantage Policies

Medicare Advantage Plans are offered by private Medicare companies and these plans are also addressed as Medicare Part C or MA Plans. Medicare Advantage Plans combine the benefits of Medicare Parts A, B and D. To register in a Medicare Advantage Plan, you need to be a part of Medicare Parts A and B, and should be living in an area where Advantage plans are available.

Medicare Advantage Plans do not cost more than your monthly premium for Medicare Part B because federal subsidies are directly sent to Medicare companies providing Medicare Advantage Plans.

Medicare Advantage Plans also provide insurance coverage for dental care, eye check-ups and hearing needs. People generally obtain guaranteed acceptance for Advantage Plans except for the ones suffering from pre-existing conditions. If someone suffering from permanent kidney failure needs to apply for Medicare Advantage Plans, he/she can easily receive the benefits of the plan without any hassle.

Medicare Advantage Plans have some restrictions when it comes to choosing which physician or hospitals one would like to visit in case of any emergency. Also, one needs a referral from his/her physician prior to visiting any other medical specialist.

Best Medicare Supplement Insurance provides complete information on the plans and costs of Medicare Advantage Plans in your area. Enrollment is allowed from October 15 to December 7 every year as you first become eligible for Medicare.

PPO and HMO Advantage Plans

When are Medicare Advantage Plans Available?
You can enrol in a Medicare Advantage Plan as soon as you become eligible for Medicare. After that, there is an open enrolment period which runs from October 15 through December 7. Medicare Advantage Plans are also rates for quality now-a-days and the plans that obtain 5-star ratings are available to the people throughout the year.

As opposed to Medicare Supplement Insurance, Medicare Advantage Plans replace Medicare Parts A and B and not supplement it. If a person becomes a part of Medicare Advantage Plans, his insurance coverage would be equivalent to the original Medicare coverage.

Medicare Advantage Plans offer Medicare Part D prescription drug coverage so they replaced the Medicare Part D coverage. When you are looking for an ideal Advantage Plan, always ask if your medications are covered in the plan or not. You should also take a look at the list of Medicare providers to check out whether your physician is on the list or not. Large numbers of Medicare Advantage Plans limit your Medicare coverage to their network of providers in case of non-emergency care.

To be a part of Medicare Advantage Plans, a person should buy Medicare Parts A and B first. All Advantage Plans need to follow the specific guidelines set by Medicare and should provide complete benefits of Medicare Parts A and B.

Make it a point to understand every rule that is specific to your plan as you apply. Best Medicare Supplement Company would be elated to help you compare various Medicare Advantage Plans available in your area. When you are ready to go, you can run our quote engine to get latest Medicare Supplement quotes from top Medicare providers in the United States.

Medicare Advantage Plan
Monthly Payments (Average)
Number Of MA Contracts
Advantage Plan Penetration
United States $734 United States 428 United States 17.5%
Alabama $692 Alabama 41 Alabama 15.2%
Alaska NA Alaska 39 Alaska 0.5%
Arizona $651 Arizona 50 Arizona 30.1%
Arkansas $640 Arkansas 39 Arkansas 8.23%
California $652 California 52 California 30.7%
Colorado $649 Colorado 37 Colorado 28.2%
Connecticut $681 Connecticut 40 Connecticut 9.1%
Delaware $658 Delaware 37 Delaware 2.23%
District of columbia $776 District of columbia 41 District of columbia 8.12%
Florida $840 Florida 74 Florida 23.1%
Georgia $680 Georgia 49 Georgia 8.1%
Hawaii $639 Hawaii 41 Hawaii 34.4%
Idaho $647 Idaho 40 Idaho 18.2%
Illinois $680 Illinois 56 Illinois 7.22%
Indiana $641 Indiana 45 Indiana 9.5%
Iowa $618 Iowa 42 Iowa 11.8%
Kansas $675 Kansas 44 Kansas 6.2%
Kentucky $653 Kentucky 45 Kentucky 8.4%
Louisiana $855 Louisiana 42 Louisiana 16.1%
Maine NA Maine 38 Maine 2.23%
Maryland $815 Maryland 41 Maryland 5.5%
Massachusetts $737 Massachusetts 42 Massachusetts 14.2%
Michigan $816 Michigan 44 Michigan 14.1%
Minnesota $645 Minnesota 40 Minnesota 26.2%
Mississippi NA Mississippi 38 Mississippi 6.51%
Missouri $663 Missouri 45 Missouri 15.2%
Montana $591 Montana 38 Montana 11.2%
Nebraska $650 Nebraska 37 Nebraska 8.21%
Nevada $757 Nevada 41 Nevada 29.1%
New Hampshire $653 New Hampshire 33 New Hampshire 2.1%
New Jersey $807 New Jersey 42 New Jersey 8.2%
New Mexico $651 New Mexico 41 New Mexico 20.1%
New York $811 New York 64 New York 21.2%
North Carolina $647 North Carolina 40 North Carolina 13.3%
North Dakota $591 North Dakota 37 North Dakota 5.51%
Ohio $674 Ohio 54 Ohio 17.1%
Oklahoma $666 Oklahoma 42 Oklahoma 11.3%
Oregon $647 Oregon 53 Oregon 34.3%
Pennsylvania $778 Pennsylvania 59 Pennsylvania 31.1%
Rhode Island $655 Rhode Island 37 Rhode Island 30.2%
South Carolina $646 South Carolina 43 South Carolina 8.22%
South Dakota $591 South Dakota 36 South Dakota 3.2%
Tennessee $655 Tennessee 47 Tennessee 16.1%
Texas $742 Texas 57 Texas 13.0%
Utah $644 Utah 40 Utah 16.5%
Vermont NA Vermont 34 Vermont 1.1%
Virginia $671 Virginia 43 Virginia 8.7%
Washington $644 Washington 47 Washington 19.1%
West Virginia $707 West Virginia 40 West Virginia 6.23%
Wisconsin $618 Wisconsin 46 Wisconsin 18.2%
Wyoming NA Wyoming 35 Wyoming 2.3%

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